Properties of Vitcas vermiculite boards

The Vitcas company has made its name by manufacturing top quality refractories, heat resistant and fireproof materials with multiple applications. For example, the Vitcas vermiculite fireproof boards ( are perfect for both home and industry use thanks to their properties.
People don’t really think too much about fire and heat-related issues for a whole bunch of reasons.

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Perhaps the most important reason why these issues are taken for granted has something to do with the fact that heat protective materials are so good these days. The Vitcas company, for example, specialises in delivering the best quality materials and products designed to keep fire and heat under a very strict control. We all enjoy having a full boiler of hot water but we don’t really want to get hurt in the process of heating the water up. Therefore, some boilers use the Vitcas vermiculite fireproof boards for insulation purposes. The vermiculite itself is a natural aluminium-magnesium silicate layer which is subject to expansion when heat is applied.

The output of the heat application…

The output of the heat application process is known as exfoliation and it gives the vermiculite material in bulk form which can be furthermore machined into boards. Key properties of vermiculite involve very low thermal conductivity which is perfect for insulation purposes and the fact that the material can be easily machined with wood working tools.

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