Managing fire and heat-related threats

Everyday use of a fireplace or furnace may not look like there’s a chance of any danger at all, but you must bear in mind the fact this is still open fire you’re dealing with. For this reason alone, all fireplaces and furnaces are made using refractory materials which keep all the danger outside of your living room.
Millions of people start a fire in a furnace or a fireplace every day.

However, very few of those people realise…

However, very few of those people realise the scale of the danger they’re facing by doing so. According to experts, even a typical wood-fired furnace or a living room fireplace can generate temperatures up to 1300C which is precisely why refractory materials are used in the construction process. At this stage we would like to recommend to you a whole variety of refractory cements offered by Vitcas. The company is question has been around for a couple of decades which means it has plenty of experience in making all sorts of fireproof, heat resistant and refractory products.


refractory cement


In particular, the line of high alumina refractory cements is worth your attention more than others because of extremely high operating temperatures. According to the manufacturer, the Vitset 45 is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1700C and it is ideal for setting both dense and high temperature insulation bricks.

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