Enjoying your fireplace with Vitcas

The range of Vitcas products allows you to fully enjoy your fireplace. Safety is ensured by the use of Vitcas refractory mortars and bricks which are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures and keeping the heat where it belongs.
Although a majority of people is, by and large, pretty much unaware that a fireplace that they enjoy so much requires a lot of technological effort in order to ensure absolute safety and comfort.

For some reason, then, they seem to…

For some reason, then, they seem to take everything for granted as far as heat and fire are concerned. However, the reality looks a little bit different. Even a popular fireplace at home which involves wood as the materials that is fired can be tricky unless the right refractory mortars and bricks are used. A typical wood fireplace don’t even get to terribly high temperatures but it still requires, for instance, the Silcas 1C refractory cement just to keep things under control.

refractory cement

Foto: www.hart-pagosa.com

As opposed to regular cement, the…

As opposed to regular cement, the Silcas 1C is capable of withstanding fire and temperature reaching 1550C which ensures absolute safety. The Silcas mortar also protects the bricks from cracking or breaking due to excessive heat. As it turns out, then, even a domestic fireplace can’t do without purpose-made materials and cements.

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