A line of Vitcas refractories for your fireplace

The Vitcas company offers a whole variety of products designed to increase safety of home fireplaces and furnaces. For example, a line of refractory cements includes both high alumina and silica options suitable for all purposes.
Vitcas has been around for decades and that’s why it now has plenty of experience which means you can enjoy your fireplace without having to worry about a thing.


refractory cement

Foto: www.northlineexpress.com

All you need to do is choose one of Vitcas products especially designed to keep fire and excessive heat under strict control. In particular, we recommend a line of refractory cements and mortars which consists of two main types. First of all, let’s discuss high silica mortars. The Silcas 1A, for example, is an air setting and ready to use product designed for setting both dense and insulating firebricks. The operating temperature is 1400C.

Secondly, the high alumina option…

Secondly, the high alumina option consist of a whole set of products ensuring maximum protection against the effects of excessive heat and fire. To be precise, the Vitset 45 refractory mortar is perfect for jointing, patching and coating. The maximum service temperature is 1700C which is very impressive indeed. Please visit the Vitcas website for more information regarding the company’s refractory products.

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