A combination of aesthetics and function

Surprisingly enough, the Vitcas company offers a line of fire resistant vermiculite boards which are known for being both very good to look at and effective. Therefore, we wholeheartedly recommend choosing one of the 2 design options available.
A home fireplace is a very enjoyable experience right up to the moment when you find out about temperatures inside one.

According to health and safety…

According to health and safety experts, it is nothing unusual to observe temperatures way in excess of 1000C and that sounds absolutely frightening to many people. However, there’s no need to worry because there’s always Vitcas with its range of fire protective products especially designed to keep the fire-related threats away. In particular, we recommend a line of vermiculite fire resistant boards which provide excellent insulation (vitcas.com) against the effects of excessive heat coming from the fireplace.

fire resistant board

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The cool thing about those boards is…

The cool thing about those boards is the fact that they don’t ruin the looks of your living room. In fact, they’re available in 2 finishing options. The first option involves the so-called brick effect and it is suitable for all designs that refer to the natural looks of bricks. Secondly, you can always choose a reeded effect which will be perfect for plain wall finish.

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